Questions and Answers

Does your PVC fencing have a warranty and can I please see the details of the warranty?
Fendeck’s full warranty details are available on our website at https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/online/warranty-details/ . Be wary of companies that do not disclose their full warranty details.

Can I install the PVC fencing myself as a DIY project?
Yes, PVC fencing is globally accepted as a DIY product and no specialized training or tools are required. YouTube.com has plenty of installation videos showing how easy it is.

How strong is Fendeck PVC Fencing?
Fendeck’s PVC fencing is 5x the strength and 4x the flexibility of wood. If a car reversed into a PVC Fence, the fence will bend and flex without causing any damage to the car nor the fence.

How durable is Fendeck’s PVC fencing in harsh coastal conditions and against insect attacks?
Fendeck’s PVC Fencing does not rot or corrode and is the perfect solution for harsh coastal conditions where maintenance is on going and replacement costs are increasing.

Can I paint my PVC Fencing?
Fendeck do not recommend painting your PVC fence as painting the fence will void the warranty. However, there are paints available, should you wish to change the color of your PVC fence. Fendeck’s PVC products are engineered to retain their beauty and good looks throughout their lifetime.

How do I clean my PVC fence?
Fendeck has a cleaning product specifically for cleaning PVC, Fendeck Ultra White . Fendeck Ultra White is used to remove borehole staining; scuff marks, scratches and very stubborn stains. For general dirt you can wash the fence clean using a soapy solution and soft bristle brush or cloth.

Will my PVC fence go yellow, brittle or start chalking?
Fendeck’s PVC fencing will not brittle or go yellow, as with many cheaper, alternatives available on the South African market. Chalking (i.e white powder on the surface) is the deterioration of the PVC surface which is common for most low quality PVC products such as gutters, downpipes, PVC chairs and tables. All PVC products will chalk over time, but the superior grade of TiO2 used in Fendeck’s products, the chalking is kept to a minimum.

Will a weed eater damage the PVC fencing?
A weed eater will not damage the PVC fencing if used correctly to cut the grass around the base of the post and fence.

Will my dog chew the PVC fencing?
Yes, it is possible that your dog may chew and damage the PVC fence. PVC is non-toxic, unlike painted and treated timber. Any damaged PVC can however be easily replaced.

Is PVC Fencing cheaper than wood?
Exotic, imported wood will cost more than PVC fencing. SA Pine however is cheaper than PVC.

Do PVC fence posts need concrete?
The fence posts must be planted in concrete in the ground to create the required stability. The inside of the fence posts can be filled with concrete, to no more than half way up the post (this is optional). Filling the fence posts any higher will result in the fence posts starting to lean (like with precast vibracrete concrete posts).

What is the difference between a PVC and a Vinyl fence?
A PVC fence or a vinyl fence are the same fence. PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, hence the terminology difference.

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