Fendeck’s Fire Resistant uPVC

Fendeck’s Premium uPVC does not support its own combustion. What this means is that Fendeck’s uPVC will only burn if a flame source is held to it. As soon as the flame source is removed, the PVC stops burning. This makes Fendeck uPVC Fencing a potential barrier against fire spread.

The acceptance and use of PVC as a construction material (particularly for electrical wire and cable insulation) is based to a large degree on is fire characteristics which describe the performance of a material when exposed to fire. These fire characteristics include smolder susceptibility; ignition; flash fire propensity; limiting oxygen index; flame spread; heat release; fuel contribution; ease of extinguishing; smoke evolution; toxic gas evolution

PVC has a self ignition temperature of 450 degrees and a low rate of burning,. In a blaze, PVC will reduce the pathways for flame spread which is critical in limiting fire size.

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