ASA PVC Roof Sheeting

  • Fendeck ASA PVC Roof Sheets are warranted for 20 years and do not need to be washed down (as with¬† steel, aluminium and zinc roof sheets).
  • Fendeck ASA PVC Roof sheets are ideal for coastal conditions and will never rot or corrode.
  • ASA PVC Roof sheets provides good insulation and energy efficiency and maintains comfortable indoor temperatures. It can reduce heat gain in the summer and minimize heat loss during the winter, leading to energy savings on cooling and heating systems.
  • Our ASA PVC Roof sheets have been designed with a white underside to reflect and enhance the natural light.
  • ASA PVC Roof sheets offer good sound insulation and are less noisy when its raining.
  • Cut edges will not corrode or rust and the edges are not sharp with makes working with our ASA PVC Roof sheets much safer and easier to handle
  • ASA PVC Roof sheets are able to withstand point loads of 85kg with minimal deflection.
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 580 × 74 × 38 cm
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