What is the cheapest PVC fence to install?

When it comes to securing your property or adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space, PVC fences are a popular choice. Known for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatility, PVC fences offer a range of design options to suit various needs. In this article, we will explore several Fendeck PVC fence designs available at PVC Building Products and identify the most cost-effective option among them.

Closed Picket or Pool fencing: https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/closed-picket/ OR https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/pool-fencing/
The Closed Picket or Pool fence designs are classic choices that combine simplicity and functionality. With the clean lines and sturdy construction, these designs are popular for residential and commercial application and are the most cost-effective options in PVC.

Picket Fencing: https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/open-picket-fencing/
For a charming and timeless look, the picket PVC fence design is an excellent choice. These fences feature evenly spaced vertical pickets that create an open, welcoming feel while still providing some level of security. Picket fences are often associated with suburban homes and can add a touch of elegance to any property. While not the cheapest option, picket PVC fences are still relatively affordable, especially for smaller installations.

Privacy PVC Fencing: https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/privacy-fencing/
If seclusion and privacy are your top priorities, the privacy PVC fence design is worth considering. These fences feature tongue and groove interlocking panels that completely block the view from outside. Privacy fences are particularly suitable for residential properties, shielding your backyard from prying eyes and providing a peaceful oasis. While privacy fences may be more expensive due to the additional material used in the design, they offer excellent value for the level of privacy they provide.

Horizontal PVC Fencing: https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/horizontal-fencing/
For those seeking a balance between privacy and visual appeal, the horizontal PVC fence design is an excellent choice. These fences combine a modern horizontal design allowing for airflow and some visibility while still providing a level of privacy. Horizontal fencing is often used as a screen for washing lines or water tanks or to create a charming outdoor atmosphere. This option is also a very cost effective option for adding elegance to your property.

Post and Rail Fencing: https://pvcbuildingproducts.co.za/product-category/upvc-products/fencing-and-balustrading/post-and-rail-fencing/
Ranch rail PVC fences are a popular choice for properties with a rustic or country aesthetic. These fences typically consist of horizontal rails supported by sturdy posts, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. Post and Rail or Ranch rail fences are commonly seen around farms, equestrian establishments, schools, universities and other large properties, but they can also add a touch of countryside charm to suburban homes. Due to their simplistic design and fewer materials required, Post and Rail fences are often the most cost-effective option among all the PVC fence designs.

When it comes to PVC fence designs, each option offers its own unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. While the Post and Rail or Ranch fence design stands out as the most cost-effective choice due to its simplicity, the overall cost may vary depending on factors such as the size of the installation and additional customization. Assessing your specific needs and budget constraints will help you determine which PVC fence design provides the best value for your investment.

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